nice to meet you!

My name is KASIA and I'm a 90's child born in Poland. 
I'm a daytime landscape architect and an after-hours photographer.
I'm the Beatles fan, Italian wine lover and a dog person.

Wanna know more?

I love travelling and that brings me the most joy.
I'm a 'Friends' fan, I'm in love with R2-D2 and I cry at movies.
I'm the best in holding parties and organizing trips.
I still have a teddy bear that I got for my 1st birthday. But that's a completely different story... :)


In my everyday life I live by the rule more is less and that relates to my photography style as well.
I tend to choose natural looks and minimalistic spaces. During shoots I don't arrange the surrounding and the way people pose. 
My constant talking and talking and talking makes people laugh and creates relaxed atmosphere. 
Me and my camera accompany you reporting everything what's significant. 




-10k run ✓
-half marathon✓
-working for National Geographic

- seeing a show on Broadway ✓
-Paul McCartney's concert ✓
-a Cosmopolitan in NYC ✓
-backpacking in Georgia

-a motorbike ride in Havana
-a glass of wine in Chianti ✓
-a canoe trip in Canada
-a balloon flight in Kenya




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